New Research: Breastfeeding Improvement Following Tongue and Lip Tie Release

Dr. Bobby Ghaheri and Melissa Cole IBCLC, et al., have completed and published a study which gives evidence to the positive results that moms and infants experience after release of lip and tongue tie. A very important aspect to this research is the inclusion of the lactation consultant in the process. In fact, as stated in the publication:

“All infants were initially evaluated by community lactation consultants before surgical referral as a prerequisite for consultation by the principal investigator. The latch assessment by the lactation consultant was considered in the decision making process in whether a frenotomy was offered.”

My interpretation of this work is that it points to the vital role of a feeding assessment by a lactation professional. There are many referrals for revision that occur as a result of pictures shared on facebook, pediatrician evaluation, or parent’s self diagnosis. These cases were not part of this study. This study tells us that revision of tongue and lip tie helps those infants who were referred by an IBCLC. When an evaluation is made by a lactation professional and the mother/infant dyad works with that lactation professional throughout the process, we know there are better outcomes. Looking forward to further research, especially in relation to pre and post procedure body work for improved outcomes.

Thank you to Dr. Ghaheri and Ms. Cole for your excellent work.

Please read and share. Link to study:  Breastfeeding Improvement Following Tongue-Tie and Lip-Tie