I have been contemplating “why” often lately. Not only “why” as in what is the cause, but “why” as relates to motivation. Why is looking deeply at your health important? Why should women make self care a priority? Why should they take care of themselves before they care for others? The habitual answer is the old “oxygen mask” comparison. In the plane, they tell you to put yours on before you help your kids to put theirs on. Why? So that you are breathing ok, and don’t lose consciousness before saving them. Well, that is just about survival!

Why are women taught that they should do just enough to squeak by? How about a new paradigm? Take care of “you”, not to get by, but in order to blossom into a healthy, strong, confident, centered, loving being who is thriving. That thriving, glowing creature will be unstoppable in her goals. She’ll have the energy to mold her life into whatever a good life looks like to her. She’ll be inspiring to those around her- NOT just help them to survive, but to live their fullest lives.

When we are getting enough organic whole food, clean water, satisfying relationships, movement, sleep,replenishing activities, fulfilling work situations, unplugged time with fun and laughter- it is life changing and self-perpetuating. I believe that we all have gifts and talents that the world is waiting for. The healthier we are, the better we feel, the more of our gifts we can share with the world.

 I am hoping that thinking of self care in this way will challenge women to move forward . Put yourself first, for your sake, for the sake of your family, for the world. Try it and see how it feels. Imagine what we can accomplish together!