I am not one for New Year’s Resolutions. Arbitrary dates to do certain things have lost their appeal to me in recent years. In my life, the cycle of improvement is constant. Yes, it waxes and wanes, and needs renewal sometimes, but I don’t feel the need to make a promise at the beginning of a new year because of the date. I would prefer to use certain times during the year to reflect and reassess. For example, my birthday is in the fall, right near Thanksgiving. I get very pensive at that time of year. I contemplate where I’ve been, how it’s going, what I am grateful for, what I feel I’m missing, what I want to add or take away from my life to make it optimal for me.

This podcast by “The Living Experiment”, brought up similar themes. What hit home the most for me, when I heard it, was the thought of deciding to make a change for the right motivation. Transformations made from a place of love, not from fear, are usually the most successful. For example, to eat right because you are taking care of your body and want to feel your best, rather than to diet because you are afraid of being “fat”. So the thought of the “why” and the “when” of resolutions are equally important. 

Enjoy this podcast by Dallas Hartwig (Whole 30) and Pilar Gerasimo (Experience Life Magazine). I had the pleasure of meeting Pilar this past summer at Kripalu at a program that she did with Aviva Romm. She is lovely and inspiring. 

Whenever you chose resolution, may it be done with love.

Happy New Year!

New Year