Gynecology/Primary Care


It is a little known fact that the scope of practice for Certified Nurse Midwives includes gynecology. Midwives provide well women annual visits (pap smears) and primary care. They are trained to treat uncomplicated health issues such as urinary tract infections, irregular periods, vaginal infections, family planning, preconception planning, hormonal imbalances and perimenopausal guidance. Lisa’s research regarding adrenal/thyroid health is an additional benefit for women who don’t feel that other providers are listening to their concerns in this area. 

Certified Nurse Midwives can prescribe medications, order lab tests and accept insurance.  Lisa provides all of this in an respectful, unhurried, gentle manner. She believes that an annual exam should be more than just a physical exam and  pap smear. She spends time listening to your story in order to guide you to your optimal physical and emotional well being. She often offers solutions that may include herbal or nutritional remedies instead of, or along side of conventional treatment.  

First time exams are welcome here and adolescent consultations are also encouraged. Lisa will take the time to educate young women about their bodies, their cycles and their health care options and explain procedures, if they are needed. Often these teen appointments don’t require examination. 

If during the course of your care something comes up that is more complicated than what Lisa is trained to treat, she will refer you to a physician for further care. 

Call for an appointment today.  Most insurances accepted.